All you need to know about Tomato Flu

All you need to know about Tomato Flu

In recent news you would have read about the outbreak of tomato flu in India. The first case for which was identified in Kerala and seems to be affecting kids younger than 5 years. While the flu has been making news here and there, experts say that it is not life-threatening. But we cannot sit back either as we saw how we are still recovering from COVID outbreak.

What is tomato flu?

The name for this fever comes from the major symptom it shows. The disease causes tomato shaped blisters. While they resemble a large tomato when cut in slices, some of these blisters are smaller in size as well. It leads to skin dehydration and irritation causing the spread of the virus across the body and resulting in more blisters.

Symptoms of tomato flu

The symptoms resemble that of dengue or chikungunya. Here are some other symptoms that you can look for:

Some other symptoms to look out for are:

Cause of tomato fever

While tomato flu is spreading quickly, researchers are still struggling to find the root cause of the fever. Since it is a transmissible disease, healthcare professionals are advised to be equipped for rising cases.

Treatment for tomato flu

It is a self-limiting disease and resolves after a few days of contacting the infection. Since it is new and rare, no disease-specific medication is available right now. Hence, doctors are providing symptomatic care based on how the children are contacting it.

Preventing tomato flu with better precautions