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According to American Heart Association, an Aneurysm is a localized sac or dilation formed when part of an artery wall weakens, allowing it to widen abnormally or balloon out. This bulge can cause internal bleeding.
Aneurysm Treatment SIMS Hospital
The most common aneurysm is found in

SIMS Hospitals provides the best treatment for Aneurysm in Chennai. Aneurysm is the most frequently diagnosed diseases in the aorta after atherosclerosis.

Most of the Aneurysm diseases do not show any symptoms in the earlier stages and it is not dangerous. However, it may lead to severe internal bleeding on severe stages. There is no main cause for Aneurysm and some of it may be congenital. It is mainly caused due to high blood pressure, obesity, smoking and high cholesterol.

Symptoms :

Severe Chest Pain or Back Pain – Severe chest pain may occur due to rupture of the aorta in the chest.
A Sudden Headache – If there is a brain aneurysm, severe sudden headache may be a main symptom.
Angina – Angina is a type of chest pain, that may lead to heart attack.

Some types of aneurysm may have high risk factors which may need surgery and SIMS hospital has the best team of doctors specialized in minimal invasive endovascular repair and Aneurysm.

The diagnostic tools used at SIMS to find arterial damage depends on the location of the problem. Our Cardiothoracic aortic aneurysm and Vascular Surgeon at SIMS Hospitals will provide you the best diagnosis with the specialized CT Scans and Ultrasound methods.

Not all types of Aneurysm need active treatment. However, if there is any rupture identified, emergency surgery is needed. Doctors may treat unruptured aneurysm only under the following conditions.

• Age, Health condition and personal interest of a patient
• The size of the Aneurysm with respect to its location and its rate of growth
• The presence of abdominal aortic aneurysm pain may also require surgery.

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