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Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure.

It is a keyhole surgery of the joint through tiny incisions 4 millimeter telescope is introduced into the joint. And many procedures can be performed with precision instruments. Arthroscopy has revolutionized joint surgery and is a boon for treating many joint problems.

SIMS AOI’s arthroscopy and sports medicine service offers keyhole and minimally invasive solutions for complex knee, shoulder and other joint problems of particular interest in the field of joint-preserving surgery, which tries to save joint lives and postpone knee replacement operations.

Keyhole Arthroscopic Procedure
Knee arthroscopy:
Ligament reconstruction
Join preserving procedure
Shoulder Arthroscopy:
Elbow Arthoscopic Procedures:
Wrist Arthroscopy:
Ankle arthroscopy:
Hindfoot arthroscopy: