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The Institute of Orthopaedics at SIMS Hospital is also known as AOI (Asian Orthopedic Institute). It is a centre of international repute for complex Bone and Joint related conditions. Apart from the patients from various corners of the country, the institute receives hundreds of patients from the Western part of the world, like USA and Canada, looking for a wide range of high-end Orthopaedic procedures.The institute is operated by a team of outstanding Orthopaedic surgery in chennai, who have dedicated their interest to the science of joint replacement, reconstruction and preservation with the use of current techniques and technologies. The combined experience of the senior consultants in the institute, who have refined their clinical skills over decades of practice, is unmatched in this part of the world. Our doctors hold patents for technology in Joint procedures, contributors to world research and members of knowledge consortium. All the consultants in the team are very patient-centric and highly motivated to constantly improve the standards of Bone and Joint Care.
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Group consultations have been the core philosophy at the Institute of Orthopaedics. This allows the doctors to device the best plan of treatment using their collective experience. Moreover, being a part of a multi-speciality healthcare ecosystem, the patients also get the benefit of receiving support or intervention from other medical disciplines like imaging services, intensive care, renal care, rehabilitation programs, if required.
Asian Orthopedic Institute SIMS Hospital

Total Hip Replacement

Rheumatoid / Inflammatory Arthritis can be the reason behind your painful hip..

Total Knee Replacement SIMS Hospital

Total Knee Replacement

Disease or injury can disrupt thus resulting in pain, muscle weakness, and restriction

Robotic Knee Replacement

The NAVIO system is an advancement in the way orthopaedic surgeons perform partial.....

Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Shoulder problems are one of the most overlooked ailments in India. At AOI all painful...

Spine Treatment and Surgery

Spinal anatomy is a remarkable combination of strong bones, flexible ligaments and tendons, large muscles and highly sensitive nerves.

Keyhole Arthroscopic Procedure

Keyhole Arthroscopic Procedure

AOI offers arthroscopy solution to ensure the best quality of life to every patient.

Sports Injuries SIMS Hospital

Sports Injuries

A team of doctors and physical therapists give integrated comprehensive solutions to sports

Foot & Ankle

Due to arthritic damage of one side of the knee there’s a requirement

Trauma Care

SIMS-AOI provides specialised medical and surgical services to the patients with traumatic injuries.

we categorize every patient walking into the hospital as web appointments, new patients, follow-up patients, awaiting admissions, emergencies and casual visitors. a patient-centric approach is followed at AOI where each patient is given a detailed counselling before and after the procedure. called the green line concept, our doctors strive to provide all the care and attention to all the patients, alleviating the feeling of being neglected. we’ve already put into a practice an ecosystem where a group of counsellors, doctors and other support teamwork in harmony to make this happen. also, we’ve made it a point to do post-surgical care online where doctors can perform examinations through the web. we expect this practice would cut down the inconvenience and pain of patients by a considerable amount.

SIMS – Best orthopedic hospital in chennai. we always look-out for non-surgical management/alternative options, even for advanced joint conditions. Hence, surgery / joint replacement may not become an immediate recommendation. Being a team of specialists and sub-specialists, each case is carefully evaluated before recommending the best course of treatment. The team of doctors provide the solution for a wide range of Bone and Joint conditions including joint preserving options like focal cartilage transplants to arthroscopic procedures, and from corrective Osteotomy to revision surgeries. Our customized programs offer pain-relief solutions for arthritis or impaired joint function. Our services comprise of the following:
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