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Institute of Cardiac And Aortic Disorders (ICAD)

Institute of Cardiac and Aortic Disorders (ICAD) at SIMS Hospital takes pride in being a leading centre in India for surgical treatment of heart and organs in the chest cavity, as well as the anomalies in blood vessels. The centre boasts of a tradition of clinical excellence, owing to the outstanding success rates for highly complex procedures, such as surgeries of Aortic Arch. In fact, it is among the few centres in India having the competency to treat Aortic aneurysm surgery. Additionally, our centre has exclusive facilities for Paediatric Cardiac Surgery to treat congenital Heart conditions.

The ICAD has a team of Cardiothoracic surgeons who have decades of experience in treating advanced heart conditions of various complexities. The surgeons have been trained at top medical institutions around the world and carry fine skills in their area of specialization. Being a comprehensive Heart Care institution, ICAAD offers a full spectrum of surgical interventions from time-honoured surgeries such as coronary artery bypass graft surgery, heart surgery, valve replacement/repair and congenital cardiac repairs to new ground-breaking therapies such as off-pump coronary bypass, surgical repair of aortic diseases and surgical ablation of atrial fibrillation. Institute of Cardiology also offers comprehensive treatment for congestive heart failure and end-stage lung disease, including surgical ventricular remodelling procedures, heart and lung transplant and ventricular assist devices.

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Pediatric cardiac surgeries:

Our surgeons here work with the latest technologies, in a multi-disciplinary and state-of-the-art clinical set-up. This allows the patients to receive the best possible care for their heart conditions. The team here is trained in Minimally Invasive surgical techniques, and uses them wherever possible. At SIMS Hospital, we have assembled the most cutting-edge diagnostic modalities, Cardiac monitoring devices, next-gen Cath labs to create a high-performance medical team. While our institute enjoys a reputation of being the top-most Cardiac centre in the country, Our team of the best cardiac surgeons works towards upgrading their knowledge and skills through conferences and workshops.

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