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Cool Sculpting

SIMS Hospitals provides World’s No.1 Non-Surgical cool sculpting fat reduction treatment in Chennai. It is an innovative method that helps to remove fat pockets in various parts of the body through body sculpting without any side effects. Coolsculpting treatment involves freezing the fat cells and make it crystallized. These crystallized fats will get eliminated from the body naturally.

The cool sculpting treatment will not give immediate results. The patient has to wait for a few weeks or months to seek the result. Cool sculpting functions on a technology called Cryolipolysis. This treatment will help in removing the fat cells on the spot areas for upto 30 percent and gives you a smooth and sculpted look. You can see visible results in the fat areas within two weeks.

Benefits of Cool Sculpting / Body Sculpting

  • Permanent Fat Reduction in the target areas for up to 30%
  • A most natural solution to weight loss
  • No Incisions suctions, needles or scars
  • One or Two Sessions, No hospitalization required
  • Visible Reduction of Fat in a few weeks
  • Helps in overall cm loss from the spot treated
  • Get dressed up one size smaller
  • Minimal downtime and permanent lasting results
  • Excellent tool for body sculpting
  • No pre or post cool sculpting treatment pills or diets required

Note: The results may vary from person to person, as every patient has different body and metabolism. Our body sculpting experts take the individual case to case analysis for every patient for best results.

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What areas can Coolsculpting treat ?

The CoolSculpting procedure is ideal for localized discrete fat bulges, such as love handles / abdomen /
inner & outer thigh / double chin / back fat / axillary puff / male chest and many more areas can be covered.

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