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For us at taking care of little children is not just a passion; it’s a habit. At SIMS Hospital, we deal with a whole range of paediatric needs -from well babies who need vaccines to the sick one who need advanced and critical care. We don’t merely believe in keeping children disease-free; we focus on making them grow into healthy and productive adults.

Below are some of the services that we offer at SIMS Hospital’s Paediatrics Department
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The Experienced PICU team is exclusively trained in Paediatric Intensive Care and work closely with the Emergency team thus ensuring early critical care is provided during the “Golden period”. The PICU team is ably supported by other multi-specialty teams to provide care for critically ill children as well as post-operative children, including patients following cardiothoracic surgeries, neuro-surgical, urological and orthopaedic/multi-system trauma. It is this “Team-Work” at SIMS Hospital – Vadapalani, Chennai that will see the child sail through his/her toughest of times, ably supported by the wishes of his family and friends The six bedded PICU is equipped with the latest infrastructure which includes:
All the beds in the PICU have the latest multimodal monitors which can monitor both non-invasive (heart rate, respiratory rate, ECG, BP, pulse oximetry, capnometry) and invasive (Arterial blood pressure, central venous pressure, abdominal pressure, intracranial pressure as well as cardiac monitoring-PICCO) parameters of patients.
Department of Paediatric surgery and Urology offers the best in surgical care for the tiniest of babies to adolescents with emphasis on the motto, “A person is a person, no matter how small”.

Advanced Fetal diagnosis and treatment, for detection and management of Congenital anomalies is done by the team consisting of the Obstetrician, Fetal medicine specialist, Neonatologist and Paediatric Surgeon.

Expertise in minimally invasive surgical procedures, including Laparoscopy and Thoracoscopy is offered to all Paediatric patients, including neonates and infants.

The spectrum of procedures is performed by our experts following the highest standards of practice. These include:
Evidence based medicine and the latest guidelines for management are followed for the best outcomes.

A child friendly environment with stress on the safety and comfort of every child is our priority.

We enable, empower and involve the family in a transparent manner to experience an informed decision making process for their child.
Neonatology Department promotes the health and well-being of the new born whether they need special observation, premature or critically ill babies. We work collaboratively with the obstetricians to assure a successful transition from the intrauterine environment to the external world.

Neonatology ICU (NICU) Team is trained and skilled to handle complex situations:
Neonatology ICU (NICU) is equipped with following facilities:
A new born in NICU is an unpleasant situation for parents. Parents would like to know what exactly is happening in NICU to their baby. Keeping this in mind we have brought an excellent concept of virtually seeing your baby in NICU from your bed! This would probably reduce the anxiety of the mother and would facilitate bonding. In addition it may improve milk secretion and early recovery of the mother.
This unique concept applies to pre-term babies who get discharged from our NICU. An experienced staff nurse from our expert team will visit their home and assess baby’s condition and aid the mother if any problems are present.
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