Department of

Social Medicine

Social Medicine & Community Health Services

The Department of Social Medicine plays a vital role in taking SIMS Hospital to the community across a wide network and countries across the world. The Department seeks to understand the effect of socio-economic, genetic, and environmental factors that have an impact on human beings leading to disease and disability, and to establish preventive and prophylactic medical and health screening measures to control and protect individuals and the community at large.

The Department has the following programs under its wings:
Social Medicine SIMS Hospital
The Centre which is fully equipped on international standards and supported by team of doctors and nurses trained in travel medicine, offers protection from a vast majority of diseases through customized solutions to immunisation needs.

Set on international standards, the new Centre will provide the full range of vaccination recommended by the World Health Organisation and the Government of India from birth to adulthood, catering to the needs of our own residents and travellers across the world. Our team will examine and administer mandatory and seasonal vaccinations, bearing in mind a host of factors, pre-existing health conditions, allergies, activities, environment and epidemics.

The Centre is also geared to serve international travellers who travel extensively to a number of countries with India as a base or short term transit point. Our advanced diseases tracking system will oversee prevention and prophylaxis measures for these international and Indian travellers as they journey across the world.

The Centre will:
We are registered with the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM), Georgia. Our aim is to become a surveillance centre of international repute in the near future.
SIMS Hospital has launched the Hello Doctor Program to bring doctors, nurses and basic medical care/investigation to the home or workplace. This service is of great help where
Once a call is received from a patient on the dedicated line (044-2000 2020, 9677752620 9677752142), the doctor attending the call quickly evaluates the situation. Depending on the seriousness of the case, the doctor either sends a Hello Doctor team to treat the patient at home or an ambulance to bring the patient to SIMS Hospital for further care.
The health camps will screen the community for risk factors with a view to identifying diseases and preventing its complications. Our team of doctors and nurses will treat minor illnesses at the site and detect major illnesses including non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiac ailments and cancer of breast, cervix and prostate and refer them for further management and follow up at either SIMS Hospital or SRM Medical College Hospital.
SIMS Hospital through the Department of Social Medicine would like to start Satellite Clinics and Nursing Stations in residential housing complexes which have more than 1000 families, i.e. a population of 5,000 to offer 24/7 basic health care facilities. These centres with a skilled staff nurse will serve the population treating minor ailments and the follow up of patients by checking BP, blood sugar, dressing of minor injuries, insulin administration, phlebotomy service, counseling on diseases, identifying illnesses based on complaints and referring them to SIMS hospital through Hello Doctor vehicles, or organisingSIMS Hospital consultants’ visit for expert opinion and management.

The Satellite Clinics are the extended consultation centres for the junior consultants of SIMS Hospital, especially for maternity and child health care. We have identified six centres at Alandur, Ambattur, Arumbakkam, Virgambakkam, Velachery and Retteri (Kolathur). These clinics will refer patients on a day-to-day basis through Hello Doctor vehicles or ambulance to SIMS Hospitals.