Epilepsy Surgery at SIMS

Epilepsy Surgery at SIMS

Epilepsy is the syndrome of the CNS (Central Nervous System), where there is abnormal activity in the brain that may lead to partial or generalized seizures, unusual behavior or loss of awareness. Both men and women are equally prone to develop it in their brain. The Symptoms of Epilepsy differs from person to person, but the most common symptom of epilepsy is seizures and uncontrolled shuddering of limbs. SIMS Hospitals in Chennai has got the best neurologist in Chennai offering the cutting-edge treatment of seizure disorder .

Our doctors may require at least two distinct incidents of seizures to diagnose and provide comprehensive epilepsy care. Clinical treatment of Epilepsy or Surgery is often required to overcome epilepsy, however for some specific patients, patients may have to take medicines for life long.

Causes of Epilepsy

There is no proper cause identified for 50% of the Epilepsy. The remaining cases may attribute to any of the following.

Types of Epilepsy Seizures

Seizures are mainly classified into two types – generalized and partial seizures. Generalized Seizures can be classified as,

Our Epilepsy Team

Our team of trained professionals that work together to provide these patients with complete diagnosis and Surgery of Epilepsy includes,

Epilepsy Diagnosis

Our doctors will prescribe a Phase 1 evaluation for the epilepsy diagnosed patients. It will only have non-invasive(non-surgical) tests. The following tests may be required,
The next stage of evaluation may have surgical implantations. The electrodes will be implanted either on surface of the brain or inside the brain. The various types of electrodes used for epilepsy diagnosis are,

Why choose SIMS for Neurology Treatment and Neurosurgery

The brain and the central nervous system controls and functions the major vital parts of our body. Hence it is very important to get the best medical care for neurological problems. At SIMS, Chennai we have the best team of doctors, top neurology surgeons skilled and trained well in diagnosis and treatment of the most critical/complex neurological disorder.

SIMS provides both inpatient and outpatient services for the neurological treatments. We have advanced technology for the diagnosis and treatment of all neurological disorders and our team of allied staffs and nurses with our neuro doctors and neuro surgeons ensures that you get the best outcomes.

We have our team of doctors to treat extensive range of neurological conditions such as Epilepsy, Dementia, Stroke, Hemiplegia, Parkinson’s Disease (PD), Neuropathy, Myasthenia Gravis, Brain Tumor, Multiple Sclerosis, Neuralgia, Hydrocephalus, Pituitary Tumor etc.

Our team of neurologists and neuro surgeons aims at providing the best treatment to improve your neurological condition, sims have best Epilepsy doctors in chennai and we always strive our best to achieve cure of the neurological disorders.

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