Is Your Recovery from COVID-19 Absolute !!!


Over the past year, the corona virus has been established to be highly contagious and pathogenic. Millions of lives have succumbed to this pandemic and it may still be active over next few years.

Majority of the people who contract COVID-19 either experience mild or sometimes no symptom at all. With proper medication and rest the symptoms abate and recovery happens in few weeks. But, studies have shown that for some people, even after initial recovery from COVID-19, the virus leaves a long-lasting impact on the internal organ; especially the heart, lungs and the nervous system. Hence, it is important for people, who have recovered from COVID-19, to make sure that the recovery is complete, and there is no risk of after-effects of the disease in future.
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To help people discover their health status after recovery from COVID-19, SIMS Hospital introduces an exclusive health-check package, “POST COVID HEALTH EVALUATION”. The package has been designed to comprehensively evaluate the risk of future complications and take preventive measures in time…

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