Childhood Obesity Package 2 |
SIMS Hospital – Chennai

At SIMS Hospital, we offer the Childhood Obesity Package 2, a comprehensive set of tests specifically designed to address childhood obesity concerns. This package includes a range of assessments such as CBC, HbA1C, Fasting Blood Sugar, Lipid Profile, LFT, FT4, TSH, TPO Antibodies, PTH, RFT, Serum Calcium, Phosphorus, Serum Cortisol, and OGTT Analysis. These tests provide valuable insights into blood counts, glucose control, lipid levels, liver and kidney function, thyroid function, calcium metabolism, cortisol levels, and glucose tolerance.

With this package, our experienced healthcare professionals can identify any imbalances or abnormalities early on and tailor appropriate management strategies. Count on SIMS Hospital to address childhood obesity concerns and prioritize the comprehensive health of your child.

Childhood Obesity Package 2 Involves the Following

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