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Hip Resurfacing Surgery (HRS)

Divergent western population hip diseases occur towards young patient in India / Asia. Consequently preserving bone becomes pivotal. The BHR (Birmingham Hip Resurfacing) and BMHR (Birmingham middle Head Resection) prosthesis is specifically developed for younger and active patients.

This is more bone preserving technique. This procedure involves removal of simply the broken bone surface and capping it with metal head. Hence, not like within the customary hip replacements the head and neck of femur doesn’t have to be removed. Additionally since this procedure solely caps the surface of the head, the effective size of the ball is sort of same as the normal head.
The potential advantages with this designs are:
However, on the opposite aspect there’s not enough prolonged data as compared to the quality hip replacements. The longest follow-ups reported are fair about a decade, in contrast to 20-25 years follow-up data obtainable for the standard hip replacement. Conjointly this procedure isn’t appropriate for all cases, and correct case choice is mandatory.
BHR- Birmingham Hip Resurfacing
Birmingham Hip Resurfacing has been contemplate breakthrough medical technique, particularly for younger active individuals with inflammatory disease because it ends up in little or no bone loss, it permits your joints unrestricted movements therefore you’ll still pursue your extremely active career with full vigor. The success rate of BHR is over 99% Birmingham Hip Resurfacing was performed for the FIRST TIME in India within the year 2000 by Dr. Vijay C. Bose in Chennai.
What is BHR?
BHR is primarily supposed for individuals beneath the age of 55 who demand a hip replacement. In Birmingham Hip Resurfacing an awfully few part of bone on the highest of the femur is resurfaced. A metal head is mounted on the femur. It fits into a metal socket placed within the joint. The age between 55 and 65 who are very active and otherwise active and otherwise works may additionally be appropriate anesthetist this can be determined by their bone quality and activity level.
The BHR Advantage
Traditional Total Hip Replacements (THR) invariably encompasses a ‘metal on plastic’ bearing. These are moderately successful elderly people who are relatively inactive, however provide intolerably poor prolong outcomes for young, active patients typically with ineluctable multiple emendation surgeries and associated complications. To avoid the hapless flow of events that Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) was developed. Taking into consideration of 35 year history of Birmingham metal on metal articulation, you’ll safely say it lasts forever.
AJRI has expertise of over 2000 BHR/BMHR procedures that makes it the biggest volume centre in Asia. Additionally, the centre has the biggest expertise of this procedure for avascular necrosis of hip within the world.

Largest expertise of bone conservation surgery within the hip in Asia (BHR) / (BMHR)