Home Diagnostics

Today, healthcare for a patient is all about comfort & experience. Accurate diagnosis at the right time is the starting point for right treatment.

SIMS Hospital-Vadapalani, Chennai is committed to delivering customized and personalized healthcare solutions at a patient’s doorstep. Our well-trained and experienced phlebotomists are available to collect a patient’s samples at home / workplace.

Our phlebotomists have the required expertise in collection of samples from patients of all ages. Our experts adopt paediatric heel pricks or capillary collections rather than putting the geriatric patients through the trauma of venepuncture to difficult-to-find veins.

In healthcare segment, lab diagnostics is one area where the sample represents the individual. Hence utmost care is taken in sample collection, packaging, transportation and processing.

To book your home collection, call us on +91 87545 93003

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