Prenatal And Postnatal

Prenatal and postnatal

Prenatal, intranatal, and postnatal care are the three stages of caring for an expectant mother. This is necessary to guarantee a smooth pregnancy and labour, as well as the mother’s health following delivery. The doctor and the expecting couple work together to provide this care. If you’re expecting a new addition to your family, here are a few things to keep in mind.
Prenatal care begins the time a woman realises she is pregnant and requires special attention to her body. This lowers the dangers during your pregnancy and during labour. However, even before planning a pregnancy, it is critical that couples speak with a doctor to avoid any potential issues. As a result, you should ensure that you get regular check-ups not only during your pregnancy, but also before it, so that your doctor can rule out difficulties caused by variables such as Thalassemia, Thyroid, Blood Sugar, and PCOS, among others.
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As a result, seeing your gynecologist on a frequent basis is a vital element of prenatal care. These appointments will be planned based on your age and pregnancy stage. There are a few other things to bear in mind:
Intranatal Care:
Intranatal care refers to the care provided to the mother and baby throughout the birth process. The following are the key goals:
There are a variety of ways to deliver a baby, but no matter which method you select, you must have a doctor present while doing so. Your doctor will determine the fetus’s position and assist you with the delivery.
Postnatal Care:
For the first 6-8 weeks after the baby is born, postnatal care is required. The woman undergoes a multitude of physical and emotional changes during this time, necessitating rest, diet, and vaginal care.

The following are the key goals:
After delivery, sharing responsibility is critical for the mother’s health. Get as much sleep as possible and keep a close eye on your diet. Don’t expect to lose all of your pregnancy weight right away. Make an appointment with your doctor six weeks following delivery to confirm your vaginal healing is complete. Also, refrain from having any sexual relations at this period. Every stage of your pregnancy may be a lovely experience provided you take adequate care of yourself.