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SIMS Hospital, Chennai, located in the arterial Vadapalani, offers highly advanced, multi-super speciality medical care. Equipped with state-of-the-art, sophisticated medical facilities, SIMS Hospital provides tertiary healthcare services helmed by exceptionally qualified medical experts, surgeons, and extensively trained paramedical staff.
Guided by a kind, compassionate approach towards each patient and their family members, we at SIMS offer best and remarkable healing experiences. We are committed to completely alleviating pain, symptoms, and complications caused by various health conditions and restoring quality of life. Our extensively drafted and designed patient-centric teamwork works in tandem and aligns with various medical departments, labs, and other facilities for a holistic medical and therapeutic occurrences.
An offshoot of SRM Group – a reputed conglomerate with an indelible presence in higher education, transport, medical, and infotainment, SIMS Hospital provides outstanding care to patients from various countries, on par with international excellence.

Why SIMS Hospital for International Patients?

Dubbed the Mecca of Medicine in India, Chennai has always occupied a pivotal place in the world of health care. In the last many years, SIMS Hospital made significant contributions to the complete recovery of countless patients approaching us from within India and abroad for accurate diagnosis and subsequent treatments.

Be it organ transplants, infertility, bariatric surgeries, cardiac care, robotic surgery or other chronic conditions, patients can access all diagnostic, medical, and surgical specialities – under one roof. The expert medical team addresses the health needs of each patient with a tailor-made approach. The patients receive comprehensive healthcare services, and our treatment protocols are backed by medical proficiency and technology, making us India’s most trusted healthcare provider.

The spacious, amply ventilated, and aesthetically designed hospital houses dedicated and world-class ICUs across various medical specialties, including Critical Care Centre, Medical ICU, Neuro ICU, Pediatric ICU, NEO Natal ICU, Cardiothoracic ICU & Burns ICU, monitored by specially trained medical experts and paramedics.

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Is SIMS Hospital For Me?

The answer is, of course, Yes. And we have umpteen number of positive reasons. Since its inception, SIMS has carved a special place in the hearts of countless patients and their families for its best and compassionate medical care, detailed diagnostic investigations, comprehensive evaluations, and advanced minimally invasive procedures.

Why Is Medical Care At SIMS Hospital Exemplary?

The prime objective of SIMS Hospital is patients’ overall well-being, optimal health, and safety. Therefore, our team comprising medical specialists from various departments, aided by well-trained lab staff and paramedics, conducts a thorough, detailed investigation to evaluate the condition of patients precisely.
We at SIMS believe that a detailed, comprehensive study of the signs, symptoms, family medical history, and genetic evaluation paves the way for a unique, customary treatment approach that would suit the health needs of each patient.
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The first step towards effective treatment is an accurate diagnosis. The overseas patients are encouraged to share their reports beforehand with the specialists for online consultation and to plan the patient itinerary. This will help us ensure individual care and personalized attention right from landing in Chennai and for faster recovery.
Our well-equipped labs and advanced imaging departments aid in precisely identifying even very complex and complicated medical problems to chart further treatment plans. The test results – be it blood work or imaging scans are made available within 24 hours to expedite the treatment process.
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Reaching Out To The Right Doctor

The diagnostic reports are reviewed and evaluated by a team of multi-specialty medical experts. The patient and family members are then provided with online consultation services by expert doctors to understand the symptoms and assess the patient’s condition further.
The online consultation not only makes the patients and family members build a rapport with the expert doctor but also gains a substantial understanding of the recommended treatment plan.
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Scheduling The Appointments

The International Patients Desk works round-the-clock and is available for patients from all time zones. The personnel schedule not only the appointments for tests and in-person consultations but also the patient’s families about the length of the stay. An estimate of the costs incurred is also provided.
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Services Offered

Indians follow the motto, “Aditi Devo Bhava,” meaning a visitor or a guest is treated like a God. And if the guest is visiting Chennai for medical reasons, rest assured about the profound love, compassion, and care coming your way.

We understand that living in a new place could be a hesitating and anxious experience, but please fret not! The International Patients Desk offers a broad spectrum of services, including Visa assistance, estimation of the costs, help with hotel bookings, local tours, religious and dietary needs, etc.
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Visa Services

Talk to our staff at the International Patients desk to understand medical visas for the patients and other permits available for family members and friends. Our personnel will handle all your visa needs, guide you to complete the necessary paperwork, and provide all required guidance to get you started on the journey toward healing.
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Estimation of Costs

SIMS Hospital is committed to affordable medical care. Our team contacts you after an online consultation with an estimate and helps you understand each component and cost involved in the treatment package.
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Hotel Bookings

SIMS Hospital is located in central Chennai, making it a most sought-after healthcare destination. The International Patients Desk helps you book your short-term and long-term accommodation in hotels and service apartments that suit your budget.
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Translation Services

Tamil is the official language of Tamil Nadu, but many Indians are fluent in English, Hindi, and various other regional languages. The translators at the International Patients Desk facilitate seamless communication between the patients and doctors in international languages, including Arabic, Spanish, French, Italian, Urdu, etc. Our translator would accompany you to the labs for diagnostic tests and interpret the conversation with the doctors.
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Religious and Dietary Needs

India is a secular country, which means people of all faith are respected and treated equally for their faith. For example, the hospital has earmarked special rooms for offering prayers throughout the day. We understand that religious beliefs also influence the dietary preferences of patients, and we facilitate food items that don’t interfere with their traditions.
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Leisure Services

Chennai is one of the metro cities in India. A place of rich culture and heritage, the city has various amenities and tourist attractions for all age groups. Talk to our travel desk for more information and bookings.

Services During and After Treatment

A comprehensive treatment plan is fundamental to achieving a patient’s overall wellbeing. Patients are provided with 24×7 assistance in the form of medication, physiotherapy, and counseling in the language of their choice to overcome the difficulties.
The family members will be briefed about the progress and recovery of the patient daily, and consultations with doctors are interpreted and translated by the translators. In addition, relationship Managers enable seamless services.
Our relationship manager would also contact your family members, relatives and friends back home and brief about the progress of patient regularly.
Nothing gives us more pleasure and happiness than witnessing a happy and healthy patient back on their feet and getting discharged from the hospital. Even after reaching your home country, our staff from the International Patients Desk continue their services via phone calls, emails and video consultations. They will bridge the gap between doctor and patient with inquiries about medicines, recovery, and other questions.
SIMS Hospital-Vadapalani, Chennai, is the best and top-notch integrated healthcare service provider dedicated to clinical excellence of international standards, advanced medical technology, and research.
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