Patient Services

International Patient Services

India has become one of the sought after destination for medical treatment. SIMS Hospital, Vadapalani, Chennai, International Patient Services works as a team to provide seamless services customized to the personal and cultural needs of foreign patients.

We offer a complete array of services from contemporary diagnostic techniques to innovative treatment procedures combined with consultation with accomplished doctors from various spheres of medicine across the globe and unique services catering to the needs of our valued clientele.
Our doctors integrate evidence-based, internationally benchmarked medical practices with cutting edge technology that has become the connective tissue which holds together the continuum of care. We have the expertise to offer specialised treatment; to mention a few, open heart surgery, hip and knee replacement, plastic and reconstructive surgery, high-risk pregnancy, subfertility and cancer therapies.

Any international patient would find the milieu of unfamiliarity surrounding them intimidating. The socio-cultural differences, language, people and health concerns can be overwhelming. But not so at SIMS Hospital – Vadapalani, Chennai, where our team of experts and support staff provide empathetic, customized & point-to-point holistic care to address your every need. Patient care is art at SIMS specially crafted to suit your every need.