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Partial Knee Replacement

In some patients just one compartment is preponderantly affected. These scenario are best suited to joint preserving procedures like corrective osteotomies / unicondylar replacement. Since all the ligaments are preserved and as the procedure is lesser invasive, the recovery is frequent and execute close to usual

This is additionally known as uni-compartmental or Unicondylar knee replacement, one part of the knee which is the affected facet is replaced with the artificial knee. Advantage of this procedure is that the incision is lesser with small blood loss. There is more natural movement at the joint, and half of the knee is preserved.   This procedure will be performed in patients with restricted arthritis solely and in who those are not obese and who do not have inflammatory arthropathy. It cannot be done on people who do significant work.

Unicondylar knee replacement SIMS Hospital
The primary principle of AOI is to preserve the natural joint to the greatest extent possible.Maximum experience of partial / uni knee replacement in this region.