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Revision Knee Surgery

Now a days revision knee reconstruction is very common in india.It may required for the primary patient like who have failed the replacement implants and it cause varies reason (wear and tear, infection, primary failure). Surgical experience is a crucial ingredient whereas addressing to variety of issues encountered during revision surgeries.

The most technical challenge is complex revision joint replacement surgery which is an orthopaedics intervention

In a good number of revision knees, bone loss is a significant barrier to overcome. This bone loss could be caused by a variety of factors, including polyethylene wear, displacement of loose components, and fretting bone loss as a result of patients continuing to walk with loose components.
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Complexities in these surgeries are due the extent of the bone loss that doesn’t permit firm fixation with the regular elementsMetal augments are frequently used to treat little bone abnormalities.However, in the past, the only alternative for reconstructing large bone abnormalities was to use bone from bone banks. However, just a few centres have established bone banks, making these structural grafts difficult to obtain. In addition, there have been worries about other biological abnormalities.

Besides, there are considerations with relevance different biological problems.

Since a decade, the current reconstructive alternatives have shifted away from the usage of integrated sleeves, wedges, and so on. These are metallic devices that connect with the residual bone and thus provide a platform for the revision knee components to be securely fixed. There is now enough data to support their long-term results of more than ten years. Trabecular metal augments and cones have proven a huge help in these situations.

Team Sims has huge experience in complex revisions and reconstructions of the hip and knee involving the use of allografts, porous tantalum material, non cemented metaphyseal sleeves and custom revision components

The highest experience of revision for infected joint replacements.
Largest (>30 years) experience in revision hip and knee replacement surgery in India.