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Revision Knee Surgery

Emendation knee reconstruction is becoming common in India. Emendation is essential for patients whose primary swapping implants have unsuccessful because of varied reasons (wear and tear, infection, primary failure). Surgical proficiency is a crucial ingredient whereas addressing to spread of problem encountered throughout emendation surgeries.

Complex emendation joint swapping surgery is one of the most technically challenging interventions in orthopaedics

Bone loss could be a major challenge to beat in honest proportion of emendation knees. The explanation for this bone loss may be because of several reasons like wear of the polyethylene, displacement of the loose element and fretting bone loss because patients continued to walk with loose elements.

Complexities in these surgeries are due the extent of the bone loss that doesn’t permit firm fixation with the regular elements. Tiny bone defects are typically are self-esteem the use of metal augments. However, choices to reconstruct major bone defects in the past were necessity use of bone from the bone banks. However there are solely few centres that have established bone banks. Making availability of these structural grafts difficult. Besides, there are considerations with relevance different biological problems.

The current modality options since a decade have moved away to the use of integrating sleeves, wedges, etc. These are metallic devices that integrate to the remaining bone and thus provide the platform for a firm fixation of the emendation knee elements. There is enough data today to prove their prolong results of more than 10 years. In this regard the trabeculate metal augments and cones have been a great boon in these circumstances.

Team AJRI has large experience in complex emendation and modality of the hip and knee involving the use of allografts, porous tantalum material, non cemented metaphyseal sleeves and convention emendation components.

It additionally has the best experience of emendation for infected joint swapping.

Largest (>30 years) experience in emendation hip and knee swapping surgery in India