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Total Knee Replacement

What causes Knee pain?
Disease or harm can disrupt this ensuing in pain, muscle weakness, and restriction of mobility on the knee. The surfaces in knee joint are included through a thin, smooth tissue liner known as the synovial membrane.This membrane releases a unique fluid that lubricates the knee which reduces friction as a result making motion simpler in a healthful joint.
Available Treatment Options
Total Knee Replacement
In this procedure the diseased knee joint is replaced with an artificial implant. The decrease quit of the femur bone is eliminated and changed with a metal shell. The end of the tibia is also removed and replaced with a channelled plastic piece with a metal stem. A plastic may also be replaced under the surface of knee-cap.
Preoperative Xray of the left knee shows severe arthritic changes
Postoperative Xray of the left knee with total knee replacement
Preoperative Xray of the right knee shows arthritic changes with valgus deformity
Postoperative Xray of the right knee with total knee replacement shows valgus deformity corrected