Inauguration of Online Hemodiafiltration

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World Kidney Day is celebrated on the second Thursday of March across the world to raise public awareness about the importance of kidneys and its contributions to the overall health, with a view to reduce the occurrence of kidney diseases and associated health problems. The theme for 2017 revolves around “Kidney Disease and Obesity” as obesity is a potent risk factor for the development of kidney disease. It is estimated that by 2025, obesity will affect 18% of men and over 21% of women worldwide, and this will have a significant impact on health across the globe.

The Institute of Renal Sciences, SIMS Hospital – well known for its landmark 26-bedded modern dialysis unit offering the best in class infection control practices in the subcontinent – further upgraded its facilities by introducing Online Hemodiafiltration service for patients with end-stage kidney failure.

At a formal function held at the SIMS Hospital Auditorium on Thursday, 9th March 2017 this facility was jointly inaugurated by Mr Gnani Sankaran, renowned Tamil writer and journalist and Ms Latha Kumaraswami, Managing Trustee, Tanker Foundation who were the guests of honour for the day.

Dr M Ram Prabahar – Joint Director and Sr Consultant – Nephrology spoke on the importance of World Kidney Day and explained the advantages of haemodiafiltration vis-à-vis regular haemodialysis. Haemodiafiltration can effectively remove high molecular toxins like beta2 micro globuli, phenol and cresol through diffusion. This is not possible in the normal dialysis process. Although costlier than the existing dialysis, haemodiafiltration will reduce risks of cardiovascular disease, hypertension and cramps that kidney patients are susceptible to. Consequently, patients will feel brisk at the end of the process.

Mr Gnani Sankaran, already undergoing dialysis at SIMS, expressed his keenness to switch over to the new process. Ms Kumaraswami spoke about the correlation between obesity and kidney diseases, stating that lifestyle changes such as healthy diet, exercise and other activities are important to safeguard ourselves from these dreaded diseases.

Dr S Sathiyan, Consultant – Nephrology, SIMS Hospital gave the vote of thanks at the end of the program which was well attended by the medical fraternity and members of staff.

Inauguration of Online hemodiafiltration SIMS Hospital
Inauguration of Online hemodiafiltration SIMS Hospital
Inauguration of Online hemodiafiltration SIMS Hospital