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Organ Transplantation - Life-Saving Treatment

Organ Transplantation is a medical procedure in which transfers an organ from one body and implants it in a recipient’s body to replace a damaged or disabled organ. The Institutes are well known for several multi-organ transplant procedures such as liver transplant and kidney transplant. SIMS Hospital has been an organ transplant pioneer and has been considered one of India’s best organ transplant hospitals in Chennai. Our Transplant Centers have all the necessary high-end equipment and state of the art infrastructure to perform living donor surgery and deceased donor surgery.

Besides the medical aspects of transplantation, you need to prepare for many administrative, logistical and financial points. The process of transplantation can be difficult and frightening for many individuals and their families. The crew at SIMS will be with you each step of the way, informing you what to expect next and how to plan for your experience. According to the World health organisation, Kidney transplantation is the most commonly performed transplantation in the world.

Our experience and expertise specialists can provide the patients with the best possible outcome for more life-saving treatment options and the excellent infrastructure makes SIMS Hospitals an ideal transplant choice. Our Organ Transplant Surgeon and allied teams work with the organ donor and recipient before, during and after surgery to deliver the highest standards of care.

Kidney Transplantation

Kidney transplantation is an effective long-term solution to routine dialysis treatments, Kidney transplantation is a surgery that implants a healthy kidney in your body that will do the work of the two failed kidneys this is often referred to as renal transplantation.

For a successful kidney transplant, the donor organ will suit the recipient according to certain criteria:
Finding an organ donor can be a challenging and long-time process because a conventional transplant needs a donor with a matching blood group. Once a potential matching donor organ is available for transplantation, a transplant coordinator will inform the patient and a final test round will determine whether the donor is a good match for the patient if so, the patient will undergo transplant surgery. Our surgeons at the SIMS Institute of Nephrology will also perform deceased donors and living donor’s transplantation.

Liver Transplantation

Liver transplantation involves replacing damaged liver with another donor organ. The most common reason for liver transplant is liver has severe and irreversible damage and acute liver failure. This is called decompensate cirrhosis or end-stage of the liver disease.

The evaluations for potential liver donors include:
Liver transplant is used a life-saving treatment in patients with acute liver failure. The Department of Liver Diseases and Transplant Surgery is a facility that offers the finest and most well equipped Liver Transplant ICU. Liver specialists at SIMS hospital have excellent expertise in the management and high success rate of liver transplant in Chennai. The Multi-Disciplinary team is committed to facilitating ease of care for our patients.

Heart Transplantation
Lung Transplantation
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Hand Transplantation

The Department has taken the mantle of extending a helping hand to their patients by establishing a “TRANSPLANT HELPLINE – +91 967 704 2715, which helps in comprehensive counselling and management of this devastating adverse event.