PALEO DIET – Should I go for it?

Paleo-Diet SIMS Hospital

Being a Nutritionist, I am frequently asked by various health-watchers about FAD diets, crash diets and whether to opt for a change over to an entirely different diet plan. And one frequently asked the question is about the Paleo diet.

Hence, today we would explore the do’s and don’ts and the Pros and Cons of this diet so as to throw light on better understanding for the practical implementation of the Paleo diet in the Indian scenario.

You are what you eat – and perhaps surprisingly, you also are what your ancestors ate – Jack Challem

Developed by Loren Cordain, Ph.D., a researcher from Colorado State University in the 1970’s, the Paleo diet is often embraced by few and heavily debated by many. Also called as the stone-age or Caveman’s diet, the concept behind this diet is simple: “If you want to shed your pounds, eat like a caveman!”

The Paleo diet is rich in protein, fibre and the so-called healthy fats, due to which it results in losing weight without losing calories, and with no physical exercises. This diet also claims to safeguard us from diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, cancer and other health problems.