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Revision Hip Replacement Surgery

Revision Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip revision surgery is done when there is a damage over time to the prosthesis due to infection or any wear and tear of the artificial joint bone. This revision surgery helps to correct the bone and make the hip functional normally again and reduce the pain. Our orthopaedic surgeons have nearly 20+ years of experience in the Hip Replacement Surgery and Revision Hip Replacement Surgery in India.

The average life of an artificial hip joint prosthesis is 10 to 15 years depending upon the joint usage of the patient. The hip revision procedure is recommended when there is an infection in the tissue around the joint which may damage the hip bone.

Benefits of Hip Revision Surgery

  • Enable patients to have pain free hip Relief from pain
  • Improvement in mobility and strength of the legs
  • Improvement in the appearance of hip and legs
  • Enable patients to be active in daily activities
  • Pain free hip
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