Safety During Cyclone – NIVAR

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A Storm is Coming; Be Prepared, Be Safe !!!

An intense cyclonic storm, NIVAR, is set to hit the coastal areas of Cuddalore and Puducherry, late this evening. According to the meteorological department, the cyclone is expected to intensify further for next 12 hours causing torrential rainstorm in the region and neighbouring districts like Chennai, Kancheepuram and Thiruvallur.

During this period, you can expect heavy downpour for many hours with strong winds with a speed of around 120 – 140 km/hour. Temporary disruption in power and telecommunication systems may be caused due to intense weather conditions. Public transport systems may be interrupted for some time.

Though all the government bodies are on high alert and preparedness to face the impending fury of the nature, our individual preparedness is also imperative for the safety of our family and belongings.  We have compiled here the guidelines issued by National Disaster Management Authority, to be followed by the general public to stay safe through the stormy weather.

Safety Measures to be taken Before the Storm :

  • Stay calm and ignore rumours
  • Stay informed through TV and radio channels
  • Charge your mobile phones for connectivity
  • Keep important documents and valuable in waterproof containers
  • Prepare an emergency kit with money and other essentials items
  • In your emergency kit keep a battery-operated torch with enough cells, anchor removable objects, non-perishable food items.
  • Untie animals, pets to ensure their safety

Safety measures during storm and rainfall :

  • Switch off the gas supply and electric mains to avoid chances of short circuit
  • Stay indoors and keep windows shut
  • Drink boiled or chlorinated water if the water supply is snapped
  • Leave for a shelter before the onset of cyclone if your house feels unsafe
  • Rely only on official warnings
  • If you are outdoors, don’t take shelter at damaged, under-construction building
  • Don’t let sharp objects, broken trees unattended in your surrounding
  • Watch out for sharp objects, wire open ends and electric poles
  • Secure your house by reinforcing broken doors and windows
  • Look out for broken gas lines, naked wires, cracks in water fittings. Carry out repairs immediately.
  • Clear debris around your house premises

Do not panic if there arises a medical emergency. We at SIMS Hospital are prepared to handle all kinds of emergencies round-the-clock. Call our 24×7 Emergency Helpline @ 044- 2000 22020