Seamless Work flow

A well designed healthcare delivery process to achieve excellence in patient care.

At SIMS Hospital all our activities revolve around bringing maximum comfort and convenience to the patients and their care takers. We understand that people visit us in the time of distress, and it’s imperative that they look forward to a less distressing administrative process. But, more than that our visitors expect a caring hand and a compassionate attitude. Hence, during our selection process of the patient-care team, we look for people who possess a cheerful disposition, caring attitude and mental fortitude to inspire optimism in the patients and visitors.

The SRM Group has more than three decades of experience in the field of healthcare services. And, at SIMS we have utilized the knowledge and insights gained over the years to design a healthcare delivery system that is less cumbersome and more patient-centric. Being a new-generation tertiary care hospital, we leverage technology to maximize process efficiency. Starting from the registration desk through the diagnosis, consultation and treatment process, we strive to render a well-coordinated and seamless healthcare experience to our patients.

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