SIMS Hospital Conducts Hypertension Awareness Rally

SIMS Hospital Conducts Hypertension Awareness Rally In Association With Glenmark
~ Organised As A Part Of World Hyper Tension Day ~

On the occasion of World Hypertension Day, SIMS Hospital, in association with Glenmark, organized an awareness rally, where about 50 participants went around to spread the message to regularly check and control blood pressure. The rally was flagged-off by Dr. K. Jayanthi (Senior Interventionalist Cardiologist).

Hypertension, otherwise known as High Blood pressure, can be a trigger factor to develop Cardiovascular conditions, Kidney disease, and Stroke. Most people with hypertension remain asymptomatic till it reaches a certain level. Hence, it is advisable to check your blood pressure on a regular basis to detect and treat it early.

Measure it…Control it…Live Longer !!!