A Safe Heaven for Treatment during COVID Crisis

Vadapalani SIMS Hospital

The CORONA VIRUS pandemic has brought about unprecedented socio-economic changes. Everyone is concerned about their life and safety. Even, there have been growing concerns among people about safety during visiting a hospital to consult a doctor or for undergoing surgery. But, we, at SIMS Hospital have instituted uncompromising safety measures to ensure the safety of patients visiting their facilities for consultation or treatment.

SIMS is a name to reckon with for high-quality quaternary healthcare in the country. And, our safety and infection control standards are unparalleled. Moreover, we have realigned our care delivery protocols for keeping our facility free of COVID.

Dr. Raju Sivasamy Vice President, SIMS Hospital

Before the outpatient consultation, every person undergoes thermal screening and counseling by a doctor for existing symptoms. Suspected COVID cases are then segregated and consulted in a separate section outside the OP area. Even the hospital staff has to undergo thermal checks every day before entering the hospital. Wearing masks is compulsory and there are strict instructions for physical distancing and frequent hand sanitization for everyone present inside the facility. Every area of the hospital is rigorously sanitized and potential areas of infection are sanitized with UV lights.

At SIMS, only non-COVID cases are allowed for IP admission. But, before that, every patient is subjected to RT-PCR as well as a CT scan to ascertain the risk factor. Rigorous discipline is followed in operation theatres by streamlining the cases, using advanced protective gear (PAPR), and ensuring laminar airflow through Hepa filters. The pre-op and post-op patients are placed on separate floors. In the last 3 months, about 500 surgeries has been safely completed at SIMS, without any post-op complications. Regular monitoring of the patients is done by a telepresence robot to avoid frequent contact.

With all the above safety measures SIMS is one of the best and safest hospitals in Chennai for doctors, as well as for patients looking for various healthcare needs, extending from primary to quaternary care.

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