SIMS Patient App

Download the SIMS Patient App From

Download the SIMS Patient App From

SIMS Patient App – Process Flow

Step 1 : Download the SIMS Patient app.

Step 2 : Sign Up with your mobile number during the first time log-in.

Step 3 : Tap on the Book / Video icon to open the list of Doctors available for consultation.

Step 4 : Choose the doctor you want to consult with. Tap on your preferred mode of consultation i.e. Video Call or Hospital Visit.

Step 5 : Choose your preferred date and time.

Step 6 : Please verify your details. If you are booking for another family member or a relative of yours, please change the details in the Patient Details screen.

Step 7 : For consultation through Video Call, make the payment to confirm your appointment.

Step 8 : For Hospital Visit, your appointment request will be registered and marked as “Requested”. If doctor is available for consultation on the requested schedule, it will be marked as “Confirmed”.

Step 9 : You can view your appointment in the home screen based on the timings you have booked for (Morning : 6am – 11am | Afternoon : 11am – 3pm | Evening : 3pm – 7pm | Night : 7pm – 11pm)

Step 10 : Click the Calendar icon to see the list of all consultations i.e. Past and Upcoming

Video Consultation Process

Step 1 : Your Doctor will initiate the call at the time of consultation. You will get a notification regarding this, through your app.

Step 2 : Open the app and click Join to consultation. Make sure you have good signal strength to experience unhindered video call.

Step 3 : After the consultation, your doctor will upload the Case Sheet / Prescription in few minutes.

Step 4 : You can access the prescription by clicking the calendar icon and clicking the Doctor Notes.

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