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It has been a testing time for the human civilization, as countries and governments have been doing their best to win over this Corona pandemic. We hope you and your family is safe and keeping good health in these testing times. We strongly recommend that you adhere to all the protective norms of mask, physical distancing etc. to stay safe in these times.There appears to be considerable apprehension and hesitation among the people to visit hospitals to address to their non Covid related ailments & problems. As medical doctors and physicians, we felt it is our responsibility to plan, prepare and create an enabling environment to continue to offer medical services in a very safe manner. The hospital administration has been working hard towards this and has established and implemented strict protocols for care delivery.It’s quite natural to avoid visiting public places and hospitals for the fear of contacting the infection. Hence, through this communication, we would like to reassure you of a safe hospital experience at SIMS, and the steps initiated for the same, should you need to physically come for further care. Also some investigations & interventional procedures just cannot be offered on the virtual platforms and tele consult services, which are also part of the initiative and being promoted.

As per the international norms, we have been extremely fortunate to have been able to totally segregate the “COVID CARE and the non COVID CARE” facilities, in 2 separate block at a distance to each other. This way realigning our operational work-flow, we have been able to keep our hospital facility free of COVID. Since the lockdown, we have safely carried-out about 700 surgeries without any post-operative complications due to COVID or any other infection. This of course has a mix of emergent and elective surgical procedures.

For Your Safety :We would like to put forth the protocols that we follow at this time to enable smooth operations & significantly minimize the potential possibility of contacting the infection.
  1. Mandatory: Wearing mask, Thermal screening and Hand sanitization.
  2. Every patient and visitor counselled by a doctor for COVID symptoms before entering the hospital with a questionnaire.
  3. People with suspicious symptoms, fever or signs of COVID are examined at the designated “Fever Clinic in a separate section outside the OP area.
  4. Only one attendant is allowed per patient
  5. Strict physical distancing at all spots is followed inside the hospital premises.
  6. Frequent periodic sanitization of every area of the hospital is followed rigorously, and potential areas of infection are disinfected with UV lights every day.
  7. Realignment of the consultation suites & waiting areas to enable safe consult both to the doctors & the patients.
  8. Permission to enter the consult area only after the screening.
THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOWPrior to admission for treatment / surgery:The following instructions below have been framed keeping in mind your safety and well being and thereby that of your surgical team & rest of the staff too.Without exception, it will be mandatory to comply with all the things listed below
  1. It is advisable that the same attendant continues through the entire period of admission till discharge. To avoid him/her from getting exposed in the interim period it is advisable that they remain within the hospital premises as much as possible.
  2. Every patient is subjected to dual CORONA tests i.e. RT-PCR as well as CT scan to ascertain non-COVID status.
  3. The pre-op and post-op patients are placed on separate floors.
  4. The entire support staff, nurses, floor have high-grade protective gear and follow clear guidelines with regard to floor care, movements and other floor functions.
  5. Operating room functions have been adapted to conform to internationally laid guidelines.
The Pre admission monitoring for surgical admissionsThe monitoring phase can be done in 2 ways:Rest at homeWhere feasible the testing is done as an “out patient “and you could rest at home. Once the test results are negative, your doctor can decide on the date of the procedure. It is also possible you may need to undergo a second test based on your doctor’s & the other specialist recommendation. This is decided on other medical factors. For your well being and a smooth process kindly follow all the mentioned instructions during the stay at homeInstructions during stay at home :
  1. Keep yourself isolated from visitors at home.
  2. Maintain social distancing at home ( minimum of 1.5 metres)
  3. Practice “hand hygiene” and keep your hands and face and avoid touching the face as much as possible.
  4. Continue doing the preoperative exercises that are given to you
  5. Eat healthy food and drink enough fluids.
  6. Do not go out of home or participate in any gatherings
  7. If you are a diabetic or hypertensive , please follow the medications as usual and keep both blood sugar and blood pressure within acceptable limits
  8. Avoid any functions or gatherings even at home
  9. If you develop any mild symptoms during your waiting period for surgery, please inform us ASAP
  10. Report to the hospital the day before the planned surgery date as instructed
  11. Ensure that the attendant who is going to stay with you in the hospital follows all the above instructions.
If the above is not feasible or difficult or in special situations, the entire process is carried out under supervision in the hospital settingThe sample is collected soon after your admission and you are admitted pending the results. This will be followed up with the surgery when you are cleared for surgery by the associated consultants. This may entail a waiting time of anywhere from 3-4 days or more. This is case based scenario.These instructions have been framed with the best interests in mind for both you and the care givers at the hospital. It would be a win-win for all if you could help us with this.With all the above safety measures initiated at SIMS, it is expected that your care will be safe & smooth. If you have been advised for a surgery, we suggest you to connect with your doctor or care coordinator immediately to plan for it and understand all the necessary details to proceed further.Your safety is our utmost priority. Please rest assured, SIMS is Safe & Secure !!!

Stay safe in the meanwhile.

For Appointment, call SIMS Helpline: 044- 2000 2001