SPECTRA - 2023 - Workshop CME Fees

SIMS Practical Education & Continuous Training in RAdiology

Join SPECTRA 2023 for Practical Education & Continuous Training in Radiology!

Are you a student looking to enhance your radiology skills, or are you a technologist or faculty member eager to stay at the forefront of radiological advancements? Regardless of your background, SPECTRA 2023 is the event you don't want to miss.

For Students:

Are you a radiology student eager to gain hands-on experience and practical knowledge in the field? SPECTRA 2023 offers you the perfect opportunity to:

- Learn from Expert and Experienced Faculties.
- Participate in interactive workshops and gain practical skills.
- Network with professionals and fellow students.
- Stay updated on the latest developments in radiology.

Secure your spot for just Rs. 500/- and unlock a world of radiological learning!

For Technologists and Faculties:

Are you a radiology technologist or faculty member seeking to expand your knowledge and improve your teaching skills? SPECTRA 2023 provides you with a platform to:

- Access advanced training sessions led by renowned experts.
- Explore cutting-edge technologies and techniques.
- Collaborate with peers and enhance your teaching methodologies.
- Elevate your career prospects in the field of radiology.

For only Rs. 700/- you can invest in your professional growth & future success.

Last Date of Registration - October 20th, 2023

Don't miss your chance to be a part of SPECTRA 2023, where education and continuous training in radiology take center stage. Register now to secure your spot and advance your career in the world of radiology.