Sunscreen SIMS Hospital

Summer in Chennai is a time when our shadows are brightly lit by sun rays. The human skin undergoes a vast spectrum of changes when exposed to the sun’s rays. The chronic damage it causes to the skin, manifest on the skin as photo ageing. A classic example being the difference between an individual’s skin on a sun exposed area (hands) and the skin on the covered area (abdomen).

The acute damage that the sun causes on the skin is the infamous “sunburn” or the “suntan”. We all know how it manifests on our skin. It’s time to know the importance of sunscreen and the ways to choose a sunscreen that is the best for your skin.

  • Choose a sunscreen lotion even if you don’t have direct sun exposure.
  • For those who are out in the sun and sweat under it, a sunscreen gel or sunscreen serum is the best.
  • We understand that you feel dull and greasy after applying your sunscreen. Combat it by applying a “finger tip unit” for the entire face and avoid outdoors for 15 minutes after application. It blends well into the skin and neutralises the grease during that period.
  • If you’re blessed with dark skin, you are safer from the sun damage and have the options of using “tinted sunscreens”.
  • Use a sunscreen even if you stay indoors, the ultraviolet radiation from gadget screens and LED lights can damage the skin.
  • Reapply your sunscreen in the afternoon.
  • Please check if your sunscreen has a good SPF factor (Ranging from 25-40) for Indian skin. Higher numbers don’t mean increased efficacy.
  • Verify the booster rating on the package as this denotes the efficacy of the sunscreen for our climatic conditions.
  • Makeup may be applied over the sunscreen after a 15 minute period. Hydrating foundations and powders with SPF factors are preferred. Avoid mousse and creams as make up foundations.