Dr. D Karthikeyan

Senior Consultant - Radiology
  • :
    Oncology | Body and cardiovascular MRI/CT imaging


Dr. Karthikeyan has over 18 years of experience in Diagnostic Radiology. He graduated from the prestigious Barnard Institute of Radiology, MMC Chennai. He has worked in various reputed imaging Departments in south India and is a teacher for the national board of examinations for radiology training. He is one of the pioneers in cross-sectional cardiac imaging in the country.

Honors and Awards

  • Oncology
  • Body and cardiovascular MRI/CT imaging
  • Author of 8 books of Radiology for Radiology PG Courses
  • Oncology / Body / Cardiovascular MRI / CT. Have conducted more than 15 Training Workshops
  • Has delivered about 50 Institute lectures

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