Mrs. Seetha Srinivasan

I was having knee problem for about 6/7 years. Though I was managing the pain somehow, at one stage I thought it fit to undergo the knee replacement. I was hesistant because of my age of 76 yrs but finally decided to go in for the surgery for better quality life. We got very good references about Dr. P. Suryanarayan, Orthopedic Surgeon from our relatives & friends. Hence we met him for fixing up the surgery. Dr. Suryanarayan was very cordial, highly communicative and clarified all our minute doubts very patiently and assured us a successful procedure. Because of the confidence gained on the Dr., We decided to go for the SIMS hospital , even though it is far off from my residence in Thiruvanmiyur. We had a very good & nice experience about the hospital & environs. A word of praise about the Dr’s Secretary, Asst. Doctors; Physios; Nurses & House Cleaners for their tireless & round the clock visits with smiling faces. The success of the Surgery was felt, when I was made to walk a few steps on the same evening of the surgery and making me use the washroom with ease & confidence on the 3rd day. On the 5th day I was discharged, but not before walking in the corridor & climbing up & down a few steps in the stairs by the Surgeon to boost my confidence & dispelling any fear.
My sincere thanks & appreciation to the Surgeon & his team besides the dedicated supporting staff.
VJ-Archana SIMS Hospital

VJ Archana Returns Home | Achuma Says About Her Journey

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Mr. Rajukannu

I/We strongly recommend SIMS Hospital and Dr. K.R. Suresh Bapu Sir & his entire team for Neuro related problems.

My wife, Anuradha Rajukannu, was suffering from lower back pain for years. In the recent last few months, the pain got radiated and she couldn’t lead a normal life. We consulted Dr. K. R. Suresh Bapu regarding this condition. His able advice and support over the last couple of months were very much helpful. & able to support & guide us with the appropriate action. Ms. Nithya Madam to be mentioned for all the above to happen smoothly, as she facilitated our consultation from beginning to end. We would like to place on record hearty appreciation for Dr. Vijay Sankaran & Dr. Gopi Krishnan Sirs for their kind support throughout the process.

Though the surgery was a tough one for any individual, the team lead by Dr. K.R. Suresh Bapu Sir has performed it very well. They gave us full comfort, kind replies and made frequent visits to make us feel relaxed. My wife is getting discharged today and we are leaving with a happy note.

Again, thanking Dr. K.P.Suresh Bapu, Ms.Nithya, Dr. Gopi Krishnan & Dr. Vijay Sankaran, SIMS Hospital OP ward Members & the entire Team.
Manivannan SIMS Hospital

Mr. Manivannan

I am extremely happy with the excellent gastro services that I have received at Sims Hospitals, Nungambakkam. The doctor is very good and the nurses took a lot of care.
Achudhan-01 SIMS Hospital

Mr. V Achuthan

I am extremely happy with the service provided by the doctors and staff at SIMS Nungambakkam. Another hospital wrote off my condition and told me that I could never walk again. Today, I am going home, I am walking confidently – only due to the superior orthopedic and anesthetist services that I received here
Mr.-Waleed-Omer-Ali SIMS Hospital

Mr. Waleed Omer Ali

I would like to thank the team of Doctors for giving me a new lease on life. It was a great experience at SIMS, the best doctors in Chennai and the support staff took care of me really well and made me feel like home. At SIMS all language barriers were broken, to make me feel at home. I would like to thank Dr. Bashi V Velayudhan and the team for giving me a new lease of life.