The Case For Summer Care
“Why is Chennai so hot today?” “This weather is unbearable”. Dozens of tweets groaning about the Chennai summer flood social media as Chennaiites take to the streets full-time after two years of shut-in.
This accompanies the warnings by weather forecasters and meteorologists who have spoken of the rising wet-bulb temperatures (a measure of heat and humidity). In fact, the city saw the hottest day of the year on March 22.
As fatigued and fed-up Chennaiites brave the scorching sun on their journey to normalcy, doctors remind us of the implications of the same on the body and how we can be ready for the worsening heat and humidity that’s coming our way.
The sweltering weather has inevitable consequences on our bodies, as Dr Smitha Jain, the consultant for general medicine and lifestyle medicine at SIMS hospital, reminds, “Common problems one faces when exposed to severe heat is dehydration, heat exhaustion and more severely, a heat stroke. When these conditions worsen, you could face tiredness, headache, dizziness, vomiting, nausea, and muscle and abdominal cramps. Dehydration also leads to a loss of electrolytes such as sodium and potassium. And as people tend to eat outside during summers, viral, gastrointestinal issues and food poisoning are not uncommon.”
Dr Vijaysree, the general physician and nephrologist from Prashanth Hospitals, adds that loss of water also contributes to low urine quantity that affects the kidneys, liver and urinary tract. An occurrence (or recurrence) of kidney stones and renal stones can also be observed.
Your insides are not the only part of your body that suffers. Dr Nidhi Singh, consultant – dermatologist at Gleneagles Global Health City, also elaborates on the harsh effects of summer on the skin. “Too much heat on the skin can cause a rash, tiny bumps, pimples, and also contribute to fungal infections and bacterial infections when, for instance, a person is in shoes all day sweating. There is also pigmentation such as suntan, and more seriously, melanoma.”
With the sun beating down on us and threatening multi-faceted body complications, these three doctors give us their summertime tips to stay healthy and protected.

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