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Total Hip Replacement

What could be the cause of hip pain?

Generally speaking, Rheumatoid / Inflammatory Arthritis may be the motive at the back of your painful hip. Post diagnosis, we will both determine to clinical manipulate the sickness through medical management or surgical intervention if there is elevated pain and the X-Rays corroborate the same. Sharp pain in the hip can also be the symptom of Impingement syndrome that’s visible particularly amongst young Active Sports people. This is a lesser identified condition, a diagnostic undertaking that needs careful work, else it may get ignored. We look at joint preservation surgeries as the treatment.

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Also the following can be the reasons for your hip pain:
What are the solutions available to me?

Depending in your age, lifestyle and bone quality, and your health practitioner can pick out a procedure. The following are the different techniques :

Total Hip Replacement (THR)

This procedure is appropriate for aged patients. Here, head of femur (thigh bone) is eliminated and the Articulation is metal with plastic. Hip alternative entails the usage of a socket and a ball for the femoral head. These additives may be constant to the bone both with the assist of bone cement (cemented THR) or as a press fit (un-cemented THR). Both of those strategies have proven accurate effects over 15-20 comply with up.

Various elements determine the selection among cemented or un-cemented technique like the age, the bone quality, cost issues and to some extent also the surgeon’s preference. However, the revel in over the past forty years global appears to reveal that the clicking fit (un-cemented) technique has given the first-rate effects for the cup fixation.

The motives for failure of this surgical treatment are particularly because of the damage of the polyethylene cup. in the last 10-15 years there has been a renewed interest in the use of different substances which are wear resistant. Current computer aided manufacturing technique enable highly polished surfaces that are ideal for this surgery, like Metal-on-Metal and Ceramic-on-Ceramic. These have proven very cost effective.

The notable trouble in conventional Hip Replacement is the younger energetic active patient with an arthritic hip. The trouble is worse if the person is male (higher loosening rates with THR), has an energetic process and needs to play recreation or have interaction in physical activity to maintain himself healthy. Sport isn’t recommended because the existence of hip alternative is inversely proportional to the usage. Revision surgical treatment is continually essential in more youthful patients. It is to keep away from this unfortunate sequence of activities that Hip Resurfacing Surgery (HRS) turned was developed.

SIMS-X-Ray-SIMS Hospital 01
Preoperative Xray of the hip
SIMS-X-Ray-SIMS Hospital 02
Postoperative Xray after total hip replacement on the left side
SIMS-X-Ray-SIMS Hospital 03
Preoperative Xray of the hip with an old acetabular fracture
SIMS-X-Ray-SIMS Hospital 04
Postoperative Xray of complex total hip replacement on the left side