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Trauma Care

At SIMS a multi-super speciality hospital in Chennai, the Department of Trauma and Critical Care plays a pivotal role in providing a range of comprehensive and personalized care for patients with medical and surgical emergencies. Our experienced trauma care teams provide the highest level of intensive care unit for life-threatening situations as well as a non-life threatening situation.
Trauma Care Specialty Areas

Critical Care

SIMS Hospital is equipped with a state-of-the-art equipment to render high quality critical care medicine to the patients.

Critical care units are managed by experienced, internationally skilled, and trained physicians from multiple disciplines to ensure 24×7 for critically ill patients is equipped with expert health care.

Unique features of SIMS hospital critical care:
Trauma care center, Critical care and emergency medicine training programs are trains the best of critical care and emergency medicine professionals of the next generation to improve patient care and outcomes.