What Is Autism?

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Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) refers to a wide range of conditions characterized by challenges to social skills, repetitive behaviour, speech and non-verbal communication. It may involve a wide range of symptoms and skills. ASD may be a minor problem or a disability that needs full-time care in a special facility.

Autism is classified as a “spectrum” condition because there is a wide variation and severity of symptoms that people experience. ASD is present in all ethnic, racial and economic groups. Although ASD can be a life-long disorder, treatments and services can improve the symptoms and ability of a person to function.

Autism Signs and Symptoms:

Symptoms of autism usually show up before the child turns 3. Several people show signs of conception.

  • Lack of eye contact
  • A limited range of interests or an intense interest in certain subjects
  • Doing something over and over, like repeating words or phrases, rocking back and forth.
  • High sensitivity to other people’s sounds, touches, smells, or sights
  • Not seeing or listening to others
  • Issues of understanding or using speech, gestures, facial expressions, or tone of voice
  • Singing in a voice, flat or robotic
  • Trouble adapting to changes in routine

Treatments and Therapies :

Treatment for ASD should begin as soon as possible after diagnosis. Early treatment for ASD is important as proper care can reduce the difficulties of individuals while helping them learn new skills and make the most of their strengths.

The wide range of issues faced by people with ASD means that there is no single best treatment for ASD. Working closely with a doctor or health professional is an important part of finding the right treatment program.