What is ENT ?

What is ENT ?

Otolaryngologists diagnose, manage and treat head and neck disorders, including ears, nose throat, sinuses, larynx and other structures. Otolaryngology is a surgical specialty and ENTs are trained in the medical and surgical management of diseases. Specialists in the ear, nose and throat, also called ENTs.

What Conditions Do ENTs Treat?

General otolaryngologists do not limit their practice to any portion of the head and neck and may treat a variety of conditions. Nonetheless, some ENT professionals undertake additional training in one of these sub-specialty areas:

Department of ENT – SIMS

The Department of ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) at SIMS Hospital Chennai bring together otolaryngologist, audiologist and speech therapist. Our services range from consultation on sinus infection through to complex head and neck cancer surgery and the implantation of artificial hearing services.We also advise patients about preventive measures to prevent the recurrence of the problem in the future