What is Infectious diseases ?

Infectious diseases :

Infectious diseases can be caused by many pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites that may cause illness and disease Pathogens can be transmitted to humans in a variety of ways: spread from person to person through direct contact, water or foodborne disease, or aerosolization of infected particles in the environment, and through insects (mosquitoes) and ticks.

Causes :

Infectious diseases can be caused by:

Bacteria – These single-cell species are responsible for diseases like strep throat, infections of the urinary tract, and tuberculosis.

Viruses – Viruses, much smaller than bacteria, cause a host of diseases ranging from common cold to AIDS.

Fungi – Most skin diseases are caused by fungi, such as ringworm and athlete’s foot. Your lungs or nervous system may be infected by other types of fungi.

Parasites – Malaria is caused by a microscopic worm spread by a bite of a mosquito. Other parasites from animal feces may be transmitted to humans.

What are the symptoms of infectious diseases?

Symptoms of infectious disease are particular to the type of disease. For example, symptoms of influenza include:
Many infectious diseases contribute to more severe symptoms, including:

Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases:

Infectious Disease Specialists at Sims Hospital treat several specific symptoms that can be caused by infectious diseases. In the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, antibiotics and antivirals play an important role. Antibiotics are strong medicines that fight against the bacterial infection by stopping them to reproduce or kill bacteria. We appear to stimulate the normal immune system of the body to function and respond to the pathogens in order to eliminate them. Applying proper dosage and prescribed antibiotics by the physician can save lives, but antibiotics are not effective against viral infections such as common cold or flu. In such cases, the doctor or physician prescribes antiviral drugs to combat the infection by inhibiting viral reproduction.
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